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10 Most Common Home Decor Blunders You Must Avoid

Rest assured that you are neither the first nor will you be the last person completely consumed with the idea of redecorating your surroundings, the sight of a great couch or a stunning painting brings with it a whole new world of inspiration to redecorate your home. This is where you need to remember; interior decor is more than just buying artifacts and cramming them into a room. It is always advisable to bring a professional interior designer on board.

Spoil Alert: If you still feel the calling within you to give it a try, here are 10 common blunders that you might commit;

1) Starting without a mood board:

No matter how tempting a piece of furniture or accessory is, do not buy it unless you have a complete purpose for it. Pick a theme. Maybe an idea of what you want the room to look like at the end. Use reference images if possible. That way, every element in the room fits in together perfectly.

2) Goofing up with measurements:

Before anything else, take detailed measurements of your area; wall dimensions, floor spaces etc. That way, you'll know exactly how much space you have to deck up. It can be a nightmare if you buy the wrong sized furniture and end up with too much or too little space.

3) Unsure of compositions:

Don't assign temporary places or compositions. You may never get to putting it right. The moment the new couch, curtains and coffee table arrives, wrong positioning and poor composition can ruin your night’s sleep.

4) Too many little things:

A sprinkling of accessories here and there in a room can add a touch of elegance but an overdo, it will make the room look cluttered, giving the eye no firm place to land upon and focus.

5) Too Many Big Things:

Differentiate between Clunky and Vintage pieces. Too many voluminous pieces of furniture can make large rooms stuffy. Lay low on those too.

6) You will lose it when shades don’t match:

From curtains to lampshades, colour and texture of the material matters! Muslin curtains are light and beautiful, but they can make a strong room look feeble. Similarly, while thick, rich fabric curtains look regal but can visibly shrink the size of a smaller room. Choose it wise.

7) Play the Pauses:

All gaps don't need filling. You don't have to fill up every empty square inch of space with something. Often, the gaps between objects is accentuate the composition, providing relief and balance.

8) Not All Advice Needs To Be Taken:

It is a good idea to call a friend over to give their opinion about your work but you don't have to take every piece of it seriously. At the end of it, it's your space; if you like it, don’t bother much!

9) Splurge Doesn't Have To Be Thoughtless:

Sometimes, it is good to loosen the purse strings and buy things unrestrained. But they don't have to be thoughtless things. Put thought into your purchases and bring together a collection worth every penny.

10) Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew:

It may look easy but redoing your decor is tough work. So don't take on everything at the same time. Pace yourself so that you don't run out of energy halfway through. Carefully planning phases of work helps in managing this.

There! You are now armed with information to safeguard yourself and your project against major blunders. Remember, as long as you stay away from these common mistakes, you should be safe but it never hurts to ask for help if you need it. Feeling up to the challenge? Then chase that dream theme you've been picturing in your mind all this time and set forth to make it come true!

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